Ash, Misty, & Brock sing about love.
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These two sing the herps and derps.
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There’s a little park
Way up on a hill
That’s so romantic
You can sit and watch the sunset
So let’s get going
Ok, let’s go!

It’s easier to like
someone who likes you
than to like
someone who doesn’t

Sorry I’m late
That’s a real cute outfit Misty
I know, that’s love
She’s really pretty isn’t she

Why are you looking
at me like that
It’s weird to see you
looking like a girl

Ash come on, come on
Let’s dance, let’s dance
They’re love Birds

Herp de derp
Herp de derp
Herp herp herp herp herp de derp
I’m not this awkward all the time
Only when love is on the line
Herp de derp de derp de derp de derp derp derpy
Herpy derp herp derp herpy
Herping like it’s going out of style
Imma go cry in a corner now

Brock said he’d be waiting
Hey Brock, hey Brock
It doesn’t get any better
Joys and Jennys everywhere

Brocks going crazy
You mean it?
I wish I’d known that sooner
That girls beautiful
I don’t see any beautiful girl
I saw her right there
Just turn around

Herp de derp
Herp dep derp
Herp herp herp herp herp de derp
I usually don’t spill my coffee
But when I herp and I derp you can’t stop me
Herpily derpily derpily derpily herpy derp derpy
Herpily derp herpy derp herpy
Herping like I’m a professional
Or a herpy derp demon possessed my soul

Oh every time I think she’s mine I herp
Whenever I think we’ll be together, I derp
One day I hope I’ll find
Someone who doesn’t mind
Being embarrassed by me all of the time

Herp de derp
Herp de derp
Herp herp herp herp herp de derp
I could have anyone here except
I’m extraordinarily socially inept
Herpy flerpy schmerpy berky quirpy derp derpy
Herpity derp herpy derp herpy
We’re both herping like it’s going out of style
We never need to herp alone now

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44 thoughts on “POKESHIPPING SONG

  1. I remember the old Pokemon I used to watch this when I was like like one like one I'm 9 years old now and I don't watch Pokemon like that I watch something else LOL my name is deontae

  2. Love thissss!!!
    Cuttest pokeshiping song that I've ever heard in my life!!!🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍😍
    Ash and Misty is my favourite couple 😍😍😍

  3. I love this song before about 3 years ago and i was finding it for years to listen to it again…it was worth it

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