DOLLAR STORE DIY | How to Make Paper Roses from Paper Streamers

Learn how to make easy & beautiful paper roses from dollar store streamers, BBQ skewers and glue with this simple tutorial! ❤ Subscribe to my channel for more DIYs:

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30 thoughts on “DOLLAR STORE DIY | How to Make Paper Roses from Paper Streamers”

  1. I love this* I really want to try and make these and will put them in a vase maybe? they also look super easy to make which I am excited about*

  2. Ah this is so nostalgic for me because I did streamer roses for my daughter's 1st birthday and you've inspired me to do your updated, much prettier version for her 18th 😭 we are celebrating in June ❤❤❤ This was a great tutorial. Thanks, Christina!

  3. So beautiful! I remember growing up how my Mom would make these kinds of flowers using crepe paper, back then crepe paper was so easy to find, it was everywhere. If I make these I would use them like you did, just sitting on top of some books, they look so pretty and really fit into the decor of the bookshelf. Thank you so much for this wonderful idea, loving how they turned out.

  4. In the 70s my Aunt use to make them,i tried last year and the streamer paper from Dollar Tree was not the same as the one my aunt used, hers was more stretchier.

  5. Why you received any thumbs down is beyond my understanding. I think this was one of my favorite flower tutorial yet. Thank you for sharing

  6. This brought back a lot of memories, my mother used to make roses from crepe paper when I was young, it came in big packs and she cut it into strips. My Mum died over 20 years ago but I love when something unexpected reminds me of her. Lovely video.

  7. Take the same concept and instead of gluing then to a skewer, you could glue them to a small thick piece of card stock and use a command strip for plates to hang them on the wall with medium and large wall flowers for a nursery or little girls room.

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