GrowTopia | Donating 2500WLS To A Random Growtopia Streamer

I donated around 2500 World Lock to random streamer that got scammed Mag Plant. His reaction is awesome! Lets Watch.
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31 thoughts on “GrowTopia | Donating 2500WLS To A Random Growtopia Streamer”

  1. Look's like Mr Songo Its inspirated From MrBeast bcz there is similar video to mrbeast do but Mrsongo do it On growtopia if Mrbeast On Real life

  2. MrSongo pls donate me ances or anything pls. I got scam in my first account got scam devil wing, second account 1 dl and third account 3dl and now i continued playing with the name account TruemanGTI. World: PRTSA

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