Streamer Twitter Cringe, LGBTQ Lawsuit, Losing Friends – GRWM: Onesie Glam

👨‍🏫 The original “We Are Suing YouTube” video by Queerkids Stuff –
🤵 A commentary video on the LGBTQ vs YouTube drama that I liked by Sinatra_Says –
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35 thoughts on “Streamer Twitter Cringe, LGBTQ Lawsuit, Losing Friends – GRWM: Onesie Glam”

  1. Please take some time to talk about the spread of knowledge or opinion that YouTube offers. The influence in society I believe blends opinion and makes our world less discrete. We blend opinion and details are lost from person to person? Thanks.

  2. Your hair in this vid makes you look freaky like you're nearly bald. Die your hair darker. any color. Yer freakin me out. Not that I don't I think you're awesome shit. Just stop freakin me out. (edit) I keep forgetting you go from albino to sexy sorry

  3. OBJECTION! You're are an amazing person, I love your personality, I love how sexy you're Tara, I love your no fucks given attitude HOWEVER you're to bold and and forthcoming ( I love that too! 💖😽 ) to be kawaii.

    Kizuna AI is kawaii incarnate.

  4. Perfect face and perfect breasts and that sweet apple bottom ass that's why I will always support them on patreon baby. 😎😎😎😎

  5. Could you please do a video with you showing your feet? (Lay down in doggie style or lay down and show the bottom of your feet please oh please!)

  6. Dude, I legit can't stand women making themselves out to be the victims in sexual situations or any kind of situation. I feel like girl codes should die, and we shouldn't lose female friends based on differing opinions, feelings, etc. I noticed women feel like everyone needs to be fair among coworkers, friends or family, but when someone isn't deemed fair by a woman, shit hits the fan. I still struggle with this occasionally, despite being homeschool-ed and not having female friends growing up. I lost many female friends in the beginning of my adulthood based on my inability to understand the massively different dynamics of a female friendship. It's so funny honestly lol.

  7. Even not being a watcher of the show, I think you could make a strong case for Tara playing Danearys or however her last name is spelled.

  8. You don't give a fuck, you're logical and rational and don't get sucked into what the media is telling you what a woman of your demographical check marks SHOULD be doing with your life or support. And I feel people are intimidated by that.

  9. I'm reminded of the time that I walked past my best female friend in a coffee shop because she had no makeup on and I didn't recognise her.

  10. If I had a girlfriend, I would beg her to grab my dick without my fucking consent. "Dont ask, just do it. I'm totally yours."

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