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The Best Apex Legends Streamer On Youtube……. because no one else streams it lol

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Map by Xela:

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Special Donations:
$3.33 – mmmm whatcha sayy
$4.20 – Snoop Dog Dance
$5.00 – Shooting Stars Doge Meme
$6.66 – Illuminati Confirmed Remix
$7.77 – Crazy Frog
$24.99+ – Tactical Nuke Incoming
$49.99+ – Money Money Money
$99.99+ – Heavenly Choir

I am a Professional Fortnite Player …

… iN mY moThErS hEaRt




Chat Rules:
*Self Promotion is not allowed
*Don’t Spam (Unless I tell you to)
*No backseat gaming allowed
*Do not request the streamer to play another game
*Respect Myself and the Mods
*Racism and Bullying is not allowed
*No swearing
*Do not talk bad about other streamers/content creators

Failure to follow these rules will result in a timeout or even a Ban. If you feel like you were unfairly banned or timed out by a mod you can always contact me on twitter.
Link to twitter:


*Viewers gain 5 coins every 5 minutes, as long as you post one comment every 5 minutes. Make sure you send at least one message every 5 minutes to get the max amount of coins.


**You Already Know Who The Build God Is

»»Note: Donations are completely optional & are very much appreciated. I do not play, add, or mod any donators. So please make sure you only donate because you want to support the stream and myself.


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